What if the U.S. vowed to never again use nuclear weapons?

Global Zero

URGENT: President Obama needs to hear that you support adopting a “no-first-use” policy for U.S. nuclear weapons.

Dear Friend,

Almost 71 years ago, the United States carried out the first and only nuclear attacks in history killing over 200,000 Japanese civilians and bringing about the dawn of the nuclear age.

But what if we could ensure that the United States would never again initiate the use of nuclear weapons?

It would be one of the single biggest advancements in U.S. nuclear weapons policy. Ever.

Thanks to the strategic persistence and years of hard work from activists like you in the anti-nuclear weapons movement, President Obama is considering different actions he could take before he leaves office1 that would make the world safer from a nuclear attack. And adopting a “no-first-use” policy with respect to the United States’ nuclear weapons — ensuring that the U.S. will never again initiate the use of nukes — would be a great choice.

If adopted, it would immediately revolutionize nuclear weapons strategy among the nine nuclear weapons states and make the United States and the world dramatically safer.

But if there isn’t enough political support to make it happen, we could lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to greatly reduce the risk of nuclear war.

We have never before witnessed an opportunity like this. Which is why you need to take immediate action.

Only two other countries — China and India — both with substantially smaller nuclear arsenals than the United States — have adopted a “no-first-use” policy. If the U.S. were to adopt this policy, it would send a strong message to citizens around the world that nuclear weapons should never be used.

Act now: Urge President Obama to initiate a “no-first-use” policy on U.S. nuclear weapons.

Fight on,

Ryan Rastegar
Digital Engagement Manager
Global Zero Rapid Response Team


1. How Obama Could Revolutionize Nuclear Weapons Strategy Before He Goes, Politico, June 22, 2016

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