President Obama has two choices

Dear Rosan,

President Obama announced this week that he will visit Hiroshima at the end of May, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to visit the city since its destruction by an American nuclear weapon in 1945.

The White House is touting this visit as a sign of the president’s continued commitment to the elimination of nuclear weapons worldwide.

But is it?

As the president prepares for his visit, the U.S. has nearly a thousand nuclear weapons that remain on hair-trigger alert — meaning they can launch in a matter of minutes. This is a recipe for disaster. Whether by accident, miscalculation, or madness, we are just one wrong move away from another Hiroshima.

President Obama has two choices: He can come to Hiroshima to simply make another speech, or he can use his trip as an opportunity to cement his nuclear legacy and stand down U.S. nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert.

The president must act immediately. Tell President Obama that it’s way past time to stand down the United States’ nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert.

Keeping nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert is an outdated and irresponsible policy left over from the Cold War. It has no place in any country’s modern foreign policy because it puts the entire world at risk of an accidental nuclear launch.

If President Obama wants to prove that he has learned anything from the devastation of Hiroshima, he will have to do it with actions, not words. This is the president’s opportunity to leave a proud nuclear legacy, one that will make us all safer and keep future generations from living under the threat of nuclear annihilation.

Tell President Obama: Stand down U.S. nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert to make the world a safer place.

Fight on,

Meredith Horowski
Global Campaign Director
Global Zero

Global Zero is the international movement for the elimination of all nuclear weapons. Support the movement with a contribution here. Receiving emails is one of the best ways to stay up to date on our campaigns and actions. You can also like Global Zero on Facebook here and follow us on Twitter here. To stop receiving fundraising emails but stay on the Global Zero list, click here. If you really need to cut back, you can unsubscribe here. We’re sad to see you go!

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