Stopping the operations of the restarted Sendai Nuclear reactors

Dear all,
I’d like to forward the latest English message I sent out.
The following is a comment by a friend of mine who
graduated from Harvard University:
Dear Mitsuhei, will people never learn from the past not to even mention common sense! Aside from promoting a maternal society
I would propose to teach the young to admit mistakes and failures and how to move on.
It seems to be too late for many of our generation.😞
It will be noteworthy how the Sendai Nuclear Plant issue is dealt at the Ise-Shima Summit.
Mitsuhei Murata
(Message sent out)
The Japanese public opinion is expressing vehemently its opposition against
the restarted operations of the two Sendai nuclear reactors.
The continueing earthquakes are enlarging the affected area.
Now they are approaching and they are now only 80 kilometers away from
the Sendai reactors.
The Nuclear Regulatory Authority continues to assert that there is no
scientific ground for stopping the reactors. It is just abnormal and
Dr.Akira Hasegawa,eminent physisist and laureate of the American Maxwell
Physics Prize, criticizes the NRA as not scientific for not recognizing that nuclear
reactors are fundamentally dangerous,capable of releasing unlimited amount of radiation
when out of control.
The Japanese nuclear dictatorship will only be influenced by the
International Community.
This nuclear issue and the Tokyo Olympic Games are the twins bound by the
pursuit of economic interests at the expense of the public welfare.
I firmly believe in the will of heaven and earth that will not allow
immorality to last long.
Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is to visit the United States to
call on some of  the 387 Navy sailors, victims of radiation suffered
during the Operation Tomodachi on the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan.
( attached message to Ambassador Kennedy.)
This visit will certainly draw the  attention of the world to the unstoppable
Fukushima crisis.
With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei  Murata
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