gun reform (add your name)

I squeezed my body and got ready to be shot.

That’s what I did 17 years ago, as I hid, terrified, under a rusty truck. My friend, Philip, and I were ambushed by gunfire after a night out in Atlanta.

I was shot in the back, but the pain of the bullet didn’t compare to the news I discovered after being taken to the hospital. Philip didn’t survive his wounds.

The night we were shot, four days after the massacre at Columbine, we talked about the victims of that tragedy and their families. Not able to understand how something like that could happen.

Not knowing that we would soon be thrust into an ever growing community of gun violence victims and survivors.

Help me honor Philip, and all the victims and survivors of gun violence, by adding your name with mine to demand Congress act on meaningful gun reform.

It’s possible Philip’s killer will be released from prison in the next few years. And thanks to the loopholes in our laws, if he gets out, he’ll still be able to buy a gun at a gun show or online, in most states, no questions asked.

This man, who killed my friend, could do it again to someone else. Adding more friends and families into the community of victims. All thanks to the inaction of Congress.

Dangerous people should not be able to skirt a background check. Demand Congress pass common sense gun legislation.

Do it for Philip.

Thank you,

Kim Russell
Gun Violence Prevention Advocate and Survivor

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