Ten Revealing War Lies  

Mark your calendars: World Beyond War is planning a major 3-day conference on alternatives to war, to be held at American University in Washington, D.C., September 23-25, 2016, including an incredible list of speakers and followed by nonviolent actions for those wishing to take part. Details and ways to sign up will be coming soon. If you’d like to help plan the conference, have ideas, or want help planning a similar event at the same time in another part of the world (some are already in the works), please contact us.

Help the Air Force Name Its New Bomber

The U.S. Air Force has asked for help naming its new bomber, but only from members of the Air Force. We’ve created a contest to let anyone anywhere provide the ideal name. Go here and add yours:

Ten Revealing War Lies
Here are videos and text from David Swanson’s first stop on his book tour. Here’s the remaining schedule, including Baltimore tonight: http://warisalie.org

Events Everywhere
Here is where to find upcoming events all over the world:

More Items of Interest
Talk Nation Radio: Gregory Shupak on the Case Against Bombing ISIS
A Nonviolent Response to Terrorism
Inside Drone Warfare — Videos
David and Jan Hartsough: Why We Don’t Pay Taxes

War Is A Lie: Second Edition will be published by Just World Books on April 5, 2016.

Help support DavidSwanson.org, WarIsACrime.org, and TalkNationRadio.org by clicking here:http://davidswanson.org/donate.

Sign up for these emails at https://actionnetwork.org/forms/activism-alerts-from-david-swanson.

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