War Is A Lie

My new book, War Is A Lie: Second Edition, is published today. You can get a copy and give the book a big boost by helping to put it at the top of the charts on Amazon if you buy it here today.

The top politics and government books on Amazon include nothing promoting peace, but do include a book by Donald Trump. Let’s shake up the list!

(Of course, I am aware of Amazon’s shortcomings and also encourage you to support your local bookstore.)

I’m heading out on a book tour, speaking about the latest developments in the telling and the debunking of lies about wars. Find an event near you at WarIsALie.org.

This book challenges the repetitive falsehoods generated by those in power to justify armed conflict. War Is A Lie is a handbook of sorts, an engaging, always informative manual that can be used to debunk future lies before new wars have any chance to begin.

For this edition of the book, the original 2010 version has been updated and expanded with material on lessons from the United States’ most recent wars, more pointers on what can be done to end warmaking, and an epilogue that analyzes new trends in war lying and in resistance to it. No one to whom you give this book can claim they haven’t been warned!

Please forward this email to everyone you can.

War Is A Lie: Second Edition will be published by Just World Books on April 5, 2016.

Help support DavidSwanson.org, WarIsACrime.org, and TalkNationRadio.org by clicking here:http://davidswanson.org/donate.

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