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A Two Sun City – Proof of a ‘Risen People’
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The Constitution Of “The Direct Democracy Republic Common Wealth Of The United States Of America” — Part 2 – Our New Bill Of Rights and Responsibilities — Article 6 –The Rights and Responsibilities Of Capitalism:

(46) The Right for a benign and Humanity-Servicing Capitalism, as an Evolved American Way Of Economics, to expect and skillfully construct, a Vibrant, Energetic, Productive and Prosperous Economy that emphasizes Cooperation, as well as Fair Competition, as the major ingredients of the 21st-Century American Prosperity Quest.

The New Capitalist Financing and Investment Sectors will wean themselves away from the old Environment-damaging and Humanity-exploitation practices and increasingly add their wealth and power strengths and expertise to:

(A) The Rising Worker-Owned and Operated Business Movement. (W.O.O.B.U.S.)

(B) The Successful design and application of Non-Corporate Entrepreneurial Businesses, that are themselves dedicated to the increasing General Welfare of The Worker Class; as the best paid and appreciated Labor Force on Our Planet.

(C) The emerging “Clean Energy Movement”, that will turn around the damage done to Our Planet by the “Industrial Revolution” of the last two hundred years. This process, which ALL of Humanity has a responsibility in, will include:

{1} The discontinuance of nuclear energy facilities. Build no more and shut down the ones We have. The use of nuclear energy might be allowed in outer space.

{2} The discontinuance of the production of nuclear weapons. Including the destruction of existing stock piles.

{3} The discontinuance of biological weapons. Including the destruction of existing stockpiles.

{4} The discontinuance of chemical weapons, except maybe for those that merely induces sleep, or a Peaceful Attitude and except for traditional projectile propellants (gun powders). Including the destruction of existing stock piles of toxic chemical weapons.

{5} The discontinuance of “torture” of war captives and suspected dangerous elements of social disruption.
{6} The promotion and investment in Hydrogen production and use. (See the vision of Harry Braun)

{7} The promotion and investment in better electrical-energy storage technology and application.

{8} The promotion and investment in better wind-power technologies and applications.

{9} The promotion and investment in better solar-power technology and applications.

{10} The promotion and investment in ocean current technology for electrical energy”that does NOT harm Ocean Wildlife.

{11} The promotion and investment in geothermal technology for electrical energy.

{12} The promotion and investment in anti-gravity technology.

{13} The promotion and investment in Earth Humanity’s exploration of outer space.

{14} The cessation of efforts to establish “new world order” rule by the wealthy and powerful few. ( The 1% and 10%)

{15} The increase, to near total cooperation, with benign governance structures, that operate in the same sovereign regions where you do. The Worker Class is called upon to assist in this change for More and Better of the New Capitalist Class.

{16} The increase and dedication of efforts to assist “We The Many” to become more of Our Economic Best Selves and Better at what We are and do through “Direct Democracy” economic processes.

Note: The New Capitalist Sector of Humanity is called upon to do the above things, because the wealth and power, to do these things, is with you. We, “The People Of The Direct Democracy Republic Commonwealth Of The United States Of America”, will contribute the needed force of numbers and Good Heart and Mind. Together We will, as a strong Majority get these Good Things, for Our Nation and Humanity, Done! When We have helped “you” gain control of your selfishness, fears and compulsions, then “you” can show most of Us the way to greater prosperity.

The Responsibility of this Right Of Rights is to encourage the economic ideology of Capitalism to be able to Transform and Evolve into a much less predatory and more serviceable social element. Capitalism has too long ignored and made excuses for not complying with the Ethics and Morality that other sectors of society, Ideally, strives to function in and Live by.
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Capitalism has, too long, been the bastion and refuge of the conservative few. These have come to use capitalism for their own selfish exclusivity within and domination of the “Prosperity Quest”. Competition should not be an excuse to act unethically, immorally, or criminally, in society’s Quest For Prosperity. Capitalism must not be the social path for potentially “superior” Individual Personalities that are locked into their lowest and lesser selves. We need to help them escape from their misguidedly self-chosen chains.

What is sought here, is the transition of the Spirit and Nature Of Capitalism, through Direct Democracy regulation of practice of the “Golden Rule”, into a more benevolent economic form, that sets one example for and leads Us in the exercise and applications of, ever improving National Morality and Ethics.

Perhaps, it might even be considered, that the practice of Capitalism should be an increasingly investigated and licensed thing. A certain undesirable degree, or level, of narcissist, sociopath and psychopath need not apply. Part of this suggested “New Capitalist Licensing Process” (maybe a five-year period) would be the continuous observation and witnessing of the ways these applicant businesses (including corporations) conduct their business. This would be another task for the “Eyes Of The People” Patriots, that Our Direct Democracy will depend so much on.

Human Life considerations and needs, come before Profits, but We must remember that Profits is a tool of Life Enhancement that enables the Fair and Just use of a nation’s wealth.

We, as Enlightened American Citizens and “Members of American Society”, must always endeavor to increase Our Personal Quality as Human Beings of Earth, one sign of this “Quality” being the eradication of “poverty”*. Thus We raise the “floor” and lower the “ceiling”, to reconstruct Our Nation’s Society into a More “Horizontal” and Egalitarian matrix. Somewhat just as thick around the edges as in the middle.

*See “American Standards Of Decency” (not sure which volume)

“White” male. 70 years old. Politically an eclectic, (confused?) mix of Conservative and Progressive. Have a dislike for capitalism, as it is practiced in the United States and as it is used to promote the tyranny of the new world order. (more…)

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