Mindfulness & Peacebuilding: Practical Responses for a World in Crisis


Dear Supporter,

LinkDoes your heart yearn for an end to the violence, war and increasing polarization of humanity?

Would you like to bring more peace and harmony to your heart and those around you?

If you long to make a personal contribution to create peace from personal to planetary, I invite you on Wednesday, December 9, at 5:30pm Pacific, to join when peacebuilding and social change activists, Philip Hellmich and Emily Hine present, Mindfulness & Peacebuilding: Practical Responses for a World in Crisis.

You can reserve your free spot here: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/mpPA/peaceall/

During this special free teleseminar, you’ll learn:

Why creating inner peace within is a global responsibility and how it is essential for any meaningful outward action

  • How mindfulness can help you heal personal wounds and resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • How to leverage the intelligence of the heart and nonviolent communication to communicate more compassionately even and especially when triggered

If you recognize that now is the time to take your peace practice from “the cushion” and into the world, which is clearly on fire with conflicted relationships, then please do not miss this empowering virtual training.

It’s FREE to attend and you will receive a recording if you can’t listen live:https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/mpPA/peaceall/

In Peace,
Matthew Albracht

PS- During Mindfulness & Peacebuilding Philip Hellmich and Emily Hine will offer you an integrated approach to mindfulness, spirituality, and peacebuilding that can give you hope for our future and practical skills to make a difference in a world in crisis.



The Peace Alliance
1616 P ST NW ste 100
Washington, DC 20036
Ph: 202-684-2553

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