Random Acts of Sanity in Time of Madness

Four days ago I tweeted this:
We are all France.
Though we are never all Lebanon or Syria or Iraq for some reason.
It’s been retweeted 12,000 times. You can retweet it here.

At RootsAction we made a petition, signed by 25,000 so far. You can sign too before we send it to world governments:
Insist Paris tragedy not be exploited for more war.

I published this blog: Non-French War Deaths Matter. It has been read aloud on radio shows. I’ve discussed it on radio shows (listen to 2nd half of this one).

I went on Russian television today to criticize the French, U.S., and — rather pointedly — the Russian governments(watch this video 7 minutes in). Imagine U.S. media allowing such talk about the U.S.!

Meanwhile, I’m trying to finish up War Is A Lie: Second Edition. I can only do this work and maintain the DavidSwanson.organd WarIsACrime.org websites and produce the TalkNationRadio radio show with your help. When you sign up to donate $5 or more a month, I’ll send you a free signed book of your choice, or any shirt, mug, or other item from my store. And whenever I publish a new book, I’ll send you a copy the day it’s published. You also have the option of having your name or organization listed or linked to on my sites.

Please help me stay sane in a time of madness:

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One-time donations are also very much appreciated:

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If you don’t have money, I totally understand. I don’t either. I still love you, whether you’re French, Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian, Iraqi, Russian, American, or any other sort of citizen of this world.

War Is A Lie: Second Edition, published by Just World Books on April 5, 2016. Please buy it online that day. I’ll come anywhere in the world to speak about it. Invite me!

Help support DavidSwanson.org, WarIsACrime.org, and TalkNationRadio.org by clicking here:http://davidswanson.org/donate.

Sign up for these emails at https://actionnetwork.org/forms/activism-alerts-from-david-swanson.

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