David Swanson: Pushing the Nobel Prize to Do Its Job.

Broadcast October 7, 2015

The Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show Podcast

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David Swanson and his books
(image by David Swanson)

David Swanson is an Anti-war Peace activist, author and blogger.

This is the second part of the radio show, following Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mairead Maguire, from Northern Ireland.

These are my rough– very rough interview notes.

Nobelwill.org Nobel Peace Prize Watch

will left by Alfred Nobel is a legally binding document and ought to be adhered to.

Language of will, spirit of it, and conversations — the foundation that now hands out the Peace prize is not complying with the will.

Obama was only winner who advocated for war in his acceptance speech.

European Union was given 2012 Peace Prize

This year’s peace prize will be announced Friday Morning.

Could go to John Kerry, Angela Merkel or any other number of disqualified people.

In recent years it either goes to people who engage in war or people who do good stuff but not related to war. Last year it went to Malala– who works w ith education.

2013 they gave it to org that works to get rid of chemical weapons.

if you ask most Nobel awards recipients most won’t agree on abolition of standing armies.

Rob: What is actually happening in terms of the details.

Frederick Hefermill– peace activist, who wrote a book about the Nobel Peace prize, has been the leader of this– appealing Nobel Peace prize committee in Norway– managed to get responses and commitments to investigate itself and demands from body in Sweden that it be investigated, but recently couldn’t get a response until getting a letter sent from a lawyer– demanding a response demanding accountability.

David and past prize winners have signed on as plaintiffs.

The financial award was supposed to go to a peace activist to continue working on getting rid of weapons.

Rob: Tell me more about the problems with the people and orgs that have been given the awards recently.

David: The committee in Norway has been corporatized.

Obama was discussed in terms of number of people and sponsors he would attract to the speech.

You have a conflict between where the prize is supposed to go and where it does go. And you have this watering down

Peace was supposed to mean the elimination of war. But the committee has been choosing all kinds of good causes– but they are causes that don’t offend the pentagon and the US and heavily militarized nations. When they give the awards for education, it seems kind of offensive to object because she’s not really qualified. Shewas given the prize for her work on education.

If we don’t honor peacemakers, if we don’t stop honoring war makers we are going to keep having more war.

Until the conscientious objector has the prestige”.

Rob: David tell us about your books:

War is a Lie,

War no More, the Case for Abolition worldbeyondwar.org

When the World Outlawed War about the Kellog Briand Pact which banned war.

I congratulate David on being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

He lists some of the 150 plus people who are nominated this year.

But they give it to people they hope will earn the award.

Rob: Has that worked?

David: no.

Rob: Who are some of the people they’ve given prizes to who deserved them?

mostly leaders of peace organizations, peace activists, peace authors, Bertha Von Suttner who convinced Nobel to create it. Kellog and Briand who were on the Kellog Briand pact which banned war.

Jane Adams, Norman Engel,

most leading peace activists never came under consideration at all.

People like George Marshall and Henry Kissinger– the worst war instigators have been given

MLK, Mairead, Esquivel, Les Walesa, Desmond Tutu

less than two dozen out of over 100 were deserving.

Rob: Tell us about the Nobel Peace Prize Watch

Inspiration of Frederick Heffermill– a Norwegian activist who has worked on peace and who is eligible to nominate.

Rob: Who do you think should win

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