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Congress Is Halfway to Banning Mandatory GMO Labels
Tell Your Senators to Stand Up for Your Right to Know

We Need to Be Louder Than Monsanto

Rally for GMO labeling

Take Action 

Dear Friend,
Any day now, the Senate could take up “Monsanto’s dream bill” — a bill that would prevent mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GMO) food. It already passed in the House of Representatives, so we must stop this terrible bill in the Senate. And to do that, we need the help of Grist readers like you! Please ask your Senators to oppose this bill.

Over 90% of Americans support labeling GMOs.
That’s an impressive consensus that we don’t see on many issues in the U.S., and it should be a clear sign to our legislators that they should vote NO on this bill.

Several states have already passed laws requiring labeling, including Vermont, where labeling is set to go into effect next summer unless this anti-consumer bill passes Congress and is signed into law by President Obama.

That’s right, this bill could overturn popular, democratically enacted state laws.

Our Senators are already hearing from Big Food lobbyists, so it’s critical that they hear from ALL of us too.

The food industry has spent millions lobbying Congress and federal agencies to keep labels off GMO foods and to defeat labeling initiatives in multiple states. Genetically engineered ingredients are already in many processed foods, but because they’re unlabeled, it’s hard to avoid them.

GMOs are largely untested, and it’s not fully known how they may be impacting our health and the environment. At the very least, we should have access to information that allows us to avoid GMOs if we want to. We already have labels that tell us about sugar, fat and potential allergens, so this should be simple.

If corporate profits depend on keeping us in the dark, there’s something very wrong. Urge your Senators to stand up to corporate lobbyists and to oppose this blatant attempt to take away your right to know what’s in your food.

Thanks for taking action,

Amanda Byrnes

Amanda Byrnes
Online Organizer
Food & Water Watch


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