Thunderclap of Peace

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Happy International Day of Nonviolence (and Happy 146th Birthday to Gandhi)!

Click here to be part of the October 7 thunderclap for peace.

On October 7, as the U.S./NATO war in Afghanistan enters Year 15, with new U.S. troops just deployed, but also as we mark the anniversary of a popular revolution without war in the Philippines, the world’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) will be flooded with the message that we’ve had enough of war and are ready to move beyond it.

But you can’t wait for October 7th. To be part of a thunderclap you have to sign up beforehand. Just click this:

If you indicate now that you will support the thunderclap on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or all three, your message will automatically go out on October 7th along with everyone else’s, flooding social media with this message from Afghan Peace Volunteers:

Oct 7 begins year 15 of war on Afghanistan w/more US troops just deployed. Join Afghans who say #Enough! to all wars!

After you sign up, please also click to “Spread the word. Invite friends to join the Thunder.” Share this link everywhere:


Time is running out to get your WAR: What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing! shirt, sweatshirt, or bag: click here this week before the campaign is over.


Upcoming events are here.


Selected blog posts:

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Drones Kill Children 9-21-15 Hancock Field Action

Sign the Declaration of Peace.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Support World Beyond War’s work by clicking here.

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