Climate Change: Don’t read this if you don’t want to know how bad it is

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Abrupt Climate Change forced by 30 some odd self reinforcing feedback loops is making it possible to observe what was projected by the IPCC to occur by the end of the century now.

You may have missed this news as there is a lot going on with the Donald.

(image by NOAA) DMCA

These Methane releases are what Hansen warned of as the Clathrate Gun, or in other words the tipping points have tipped.

(image by NOAA) DMCA


Methane Hydrate releases in the arctic as warned of by Sam Carana are now reported by NOAA to be 150 miles across. You will remember that even slight releases of methane in the arctic were enough to cause polar researchers like Jason Box to freak out a little over a year ago.

Jason Box
If even a small fraction of Arctic sea floor carbon is released to the atmosphere, we’re f’d.

8:43 AM – 29 Jul 2014

Methane is orders of magnitude worse than CO2 and its being released in 50 Gigaton bursts farts that by themselves can cause an instant 1.3 degrees C global temperature rise.

(image by Sam Carana) DMCA

A year ago we began to observe warmer arctic water temperatures high enough to melt sea ice because of the Methane releases.

Sea surface temperatures as high as 18.8 degreesC are now recorded at locations where warm water from the Pacific Ocean is threatening to invade the Arctic Ocean.

(image by NOAA) DMCA
That was all a year ago but like many people I was still looking at the IPCC projections which would be reasonably accurate if you cut the time scale in half.

Its good that while Trump continues to be all the media is interested in, we now have the ability here to teach each other to recognize that Black Lives Matter and Black and Brown people in the United States are being shot dead by cops every day or maybe worse incarcerated in private prisons where men women and children are being forced to perform slave labor as if the plantations of the Civil War had just been moved to some private penitentiary but meanwhile our Life Expectancy as a species may now be compared to that of someone in their seventies who has stage four cancer.

Now we have El Nino acting like a blowtorch raising the temperature of the whole Pacific Ocean 4-8 degrees C and directing its focus towards the west coast.

Fish can’t adapt to temperatures rising that much that fast, neither can the plant life that recycles our oxygen. We ourselves are running out of drinking water even as the people making decisions for us have decided to irrigate our crops with fracking waste water. Maybe its a good thing peak oil is here because fossil fuel use has been part of the problem and changing over to solar and wind might have been good if we had done it in time, but Methane releases are now on the order of 1000 times more damaging even than all that CO2 from cars.


The result is the California drought extending up into Canada and the Canadian fires which may themselves be both releasing and fueled by a self reinforcing methane release loop.

(image by NDMC) DMCA

In the Persian Gulf we get heat indexes in the 170 plus range with a combination of desert heat , ocean humidity and direct sunlight

(image by NOAA) DMCA

I wish I had a big enough voice that I could stand on a soapbox someplace and make the point that as temperature rises so do sea levels, maybe 5-9 meters in our now much shorter than expected lifetimes. Then there are the 400 some odd nuclear reactors that require maintenance they won’t be getting when our cities sink beneath the waves. On top of that there may be many more storms with huge rogue waves of up to 30 meters making life on the oceans interesting. There are a lot of things that can kill us as individuals, but this is the first time its become really obvious the decision making about our imminent extinction as a species that is one component of all the life on this planet has been taken out of our hands.



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