Talking beats bombing

Today is four months since the Washington Post printed “War on Iran Is Probably Our Best Option.” Miraculously, we’re still here.

Talking always beats bombing, and the more you talk, the harder it becomes to pretend that the need for war is urgent.

Talk Nation Radio is going strong. Can you please encourage your local radio stations to carry this program every week, and embed the SoundCloud audio on your own website? Past Talk Nation Radio shows are all available free and complete at

Here are some of the latest shows:

David Vine on U.S. Bases Around the World

Aspen Baker on Abortion and Being Pro-Voice

Andre Vltchek on Exposing Lies of the Empire

Kevin Gosztola on Harassing, Prosecuting, Imprisoning the Wrong People

Waging Peace With David Hartsough

Kayaks and Soap vs. Big Oil and Trash

James Bradley on pre-WWII China Lobby that fooled U.S. public

Tim Wright: 107 Nations Now Want to Ban Nukes

David Segal on Ending Mass Surveillance, Keeping the Internet Free

Rania Khalek on U.S. Police Training in Israel and Israelis Advocating Genocide

Kathy Kelly: Fog of War Is Not the Problem

Sarah Thompson on Christian Peacemaker Teams

Karen Dolan on the Criminalization of Poverty

Sheila Carapico: Stop the Saudi (and U.S.) War on Yemen

NYU Students on Hiring a War Criminal to Teach Human Rights Law

Brian Terrell: Anti-Drone-War-Movement Is Growing

Margaret Flowers on Stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Michael Heaney on What Partisanship Does to a Peace Movement

Michael Schwartz: Israel’s Wars Are for Oil

Mapping Militarism:

Once again this year, the clear winner, in not just women’s soccer and incarceration, but also in militarism, is the United States of America, sweeping nearly every category of military insanity with seemingly effortless ease. Find all of last year’s and this year’s maps

More News and Events:

What Are Foreign Military Bases For?

Read Mumia

Document Shows CIA Reaction to Finding No WMD in Iraq

Call for Sanity on Sixtieth Anniversary of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto

Peace Lessons

How Can This Still Be Happening in Our World?

Killing Crabs and Arabs

Out of Whack

The 51-Day Genocide

CrossTalk: Cold War Redux

Iraqi Voices Are Screaming from Far Away

District Sentinel Radio: Torture And Trade In The Senate

How to Stop the TPP

Lila Garrett and David Swanson on TPP, War, and Congressional Collapse

Resistance in Honduras Alive and Jumping

David Swanson on Coy Barefoot Show

Audio: Converting Our War Economy

Public Didn’t See Last Two World Wars Coming Either

The Coup

The Four Horses Asses of the TPP Apocalypse

U.S. House Debates and Votes Down Withdrawal from Iraq/Syria

Ukraine and the Apocalyptic Risk of Propagandized Ignorance

Human Experimentation: a CIA Habit

Pentagon Admits that War is Illegal


Let us know about any event you’re planning.

Resources with which to create an event.

Calendar of important peace holidays.

July 16-17, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, Uranium Film Festival 2015

July 25, Newark, NJ, Million People’s March Against Police Brutality, Racial Injustice, and Economic Inequality

August 4-22, Black Hills of South Dakota, Satyagraha Institute

August 6, Washington, D.C., Peace Witness at Pentagon

August 6, Toronto, Canada, Hiroshima Nagasaki Coalition

August 6-9, Britain, Hiroshima Nagasaki Days 2015

August 6-9, Germany, Hiroshima Nagasaki Days 2015

August 6-9, Paris, France, Jeûne-action international Hiroshima-Nagasaki

August 6-9, France, Dynamique d’actions contre le nucléaire militaire. Il y a 70 ans : bombardements atomiques d’Hiroshima et Nagasaki

Aug 6, Livermore, CA., 70 Years of Nuclear Weapons – At What Cost?

August 6 – 9 in Santa Fe, NM: Campaign Nonviolence National Conference
(Aug 6 – Mark the 70th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima with the annual sackcloth and ashes peace vigil and call for nuclear disarmament near the National Labs.
Aug 9 – Mark the 70th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Nagasaki with the annual sackcloth and ashes peace vigil and call for nuclear disarmament near the National Labs.)

August 6 in Hiroshima, Japan: “August 6, 2015 will be the 70th anniversary of the bombing [of Hiroshima]. Annually, there are events such as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony, with guest speakers, and the Lantern Floating Ceremony, in which lanterns float on the river as petitions for peace. Additional special events for the 70th anniversary are to be announced.”

August 8 in Australia, Hiroshima Day Vigil.

August 9 in Nagasaki, Japan: [August 9, 2015 will be the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki. Commemoration events are held annually and, as with Hiroshima, it is expected that additional special events for the 70th anniversary are to be announced.]

August 14-15, New York State, Kateri Peace Conference

Voices for Creative Nonviolence is organizing a counter-drone-war march that will begin with a send-off on the evening of August 17 in Madison, WI and end on August 25 at Volk Field Air National Guard drone base outside the town of Camp Douglas, WI, about a 90 mile walk. For more details and contact information:

August 27 Chicago – David Swanson speaking

Sept 7-12. London, England. Stop the Arms Fair – week of action 2015

Sept 11-13, Belgrade, Serbia, European IPPNW Conference

September 20 – 27, Everywhere: Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions 2015

September 22, Washington, D.C., SOWING THE SEEDS OF HOPE: From Congress to the White House

Upstate (NY) Drone Action is planning a march starting October 7 from Hancock Air National Guard base drone control center outside Syracuse to the drone control center at the Niagara Falls Air National Guard Base. The route of the march has not been determined; the distance is about 170 miles.

October 16-17 in Seoul, Republic of Korea: Stopping the War Business

October 26 or 27, Paris, France, Don’t Nuke the Climate – International day of action

November – date TBD in Nagasaki, Japan: Annual Pugwash Conference

November 13-14, London, England, Medact Two-Day Forum 2015: Health Through Peace

November 16-19 – Johannesburg, South Africa. Symposium on Nuclearisation of Africa

November 22-24, Fort Benning, Ga., USA: Protest at School of the Americas

December 12, Paris, France, Global Climate March at COP21

More nuclear disarmament events here. (Thanks to Joe Scarry!)

Let us know about any event you’re planning.

If you’d like to help plan events, email


Sign up for these emails at

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