Brains, Not Bombs!

Have you noticed how none of the 2016 Presidential candidates are addressing security issues in ways that will actually make us more safe?!

No – they are being silent or endorsing more of the same: overthrowing, occupying, bombing, and droning!

That’s why we are releasing the Henry A. Wallace National Security Forum Series, which gives you the real information on the critical security questions of our time: what does real safety look like, and why does America keep getting it wrong?



Screen_Shot_2015-06-16_at_11.36.28_AM.png Check out interviews with 11 leading security experts, including journalist Glenn Greenwald, activist and scholar Noam Chomsky, political scientist Andrew Bacevich, and Harvard professor Linda Bilmes. In this series, you will hear what no candidate is talking about, our runaway security state, the obscene financial and moral cost – and the endless wars and surveillance programs that underpin it – creating a less safe, more perilous world.

So watch this series – and start demanding that all presidential candidates discuss how they will change and improve our country’s stuck-in-the-past security policy.


Robert Greenwald,

President Brave New Films

P.S. Brave New Films is a nonprofit; we rely on support from donors.

Please support this work if you’d like to see more like it!

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