The Ecstasy of Deep Fundamental Change: Letting Go Of god for the Sake of God

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Prajnaparimita: The Unity of Opposites
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The “Christian” mystic, Meister Eckhart states that we need to let go of god for the sake of God. What does he mean by this? I would say he says this for the same reason that I just placed quotation marks around the term Christian.

Eckhart further states:

Truly, it is in darkness
that one finds the light,
so when we are in sorrow,
then this light is nearest of all to us.
~ Meister Eckhart ~

We are in deep trouble. This is a time of darkness. Our world is in trouble. That trouble stems from our belief systems that foster a “this vs. that” universe. Thus we are at war. As the Native American Chief Seattle spoke to us Europeans:

You have men against women


Left against right

We think you people are crazy

To say one is a Christian, Pagan or Atheist is to identify oneself with an institutionalized belief system. I’m including Atheist in this camp for Atheism is but another theism that discounts spiritual writings.

Thus, in one of my comments to another article on OpEd, I was met with a response from one reader that I should attend church. People claiming to be atheists also have scolded me. In my mind, the two claiming to be at odds with one another are actually one. They are both nestled in the bosom of their philosophy. To me it seems they have their heads stuck in the sand.

Church takes me away from God. Indeed, it takes God and idealizes Him and Her. By idealizing I mean turning Him/Her into an idea. Oftentimes, the Pagans do the same thing in their worship of a Goddess. They turn Her into a noun. In becoming noun based, She escapes me as a man. Knowing Her as a verb, I understand how this article is conceived.

This article has always been a potential within me since the beginning of time. Time is simply the arising of events from timelessness, which relates to what physicist David Bohm refers to as the Unmanifest Implicate Order.

This writing was always in potential and its unfolding was due to seminal influences.

The Bible confronts the noun-based ideal by saying that one should not worship idols. By idols they mean a noun based God. So, what do we do? We create a god that is a noun. This is made evident in the asking, “do you believe in god, or not?”

To believe in a god or not to believe in a god is a moot point. This is how I read Eckhart when he says we need to let go of god for the sake of God.

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Comment: For the Good (kusala, skillfulness), not God (issaria, arbitor).


Burl is an avid writer and publishes to OpEd News. He is author of “Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature.” As of this writing, Burl is planning to self-publish the book. Alongside his wife, Burl co-hosts an on line radio (more…)

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