Video: War Normalized or Abolished


this video of a World Beyond War panel this week at Left Forum in New York: Left Forum 2015 War Normalized or Abolished

Another related panel  is here: US Wars of Aggression & Islamic Jihad: What is the Bigger Danger

Also watch: A Bold Peace: Costa Rica’s Path of Demilitarization

Final Production for Paying the Price for Peace

Yemenis sue Germany for Ramstein role in US drone warfare

Inside War-Torn Yemen: Sanaa Under Attack

Don’t Limit Your News to Your Nation

Head of NSA Says “Cyberwar” May Be Met With Actual War


Talk Nation Radio: James Bradley on pre-WWII China Lobby that fooled U.S. public

Talk Nation Radio: Tim Wright: 107 Nations Now Want to Ban Nukes

Talk Nation Radio: David Segal on Ending Mass Surveillance, Keeping the Internet Free


Headlines Notwithstanding, Support for Drones Drops Slightly

Nuclear Realism

Catch 22 at the German Embassy

Nonviolent action against new fighter jets

Jeffrey Sterling vs. the CIA: An Untold Story of Race and Retribution

Resist, Don’t Enlist

Our Chance to Aid and Encourage Whistleblowers

A Civilian Is A Combatant Is A Civilian Is A Combatant

Nuclear Weapons Proliferation – Made in the USA

Taking Responsibility for Drone Killings- President Obama and the Fog of War

A Nuclear Weapons Ban Emerging

Vigil: Stop US Drone Warfare via Ramstein, Solidarity with the Victims

China Lobby Pre-WWII, Israel Lobby Pre-WWIII

The 16 Core Progressive Policies, Really?

On the U.S. Killing of Two Children in Syria

If U.S. Military Spending Returned to 2001 Level

Russ Faure-Brac Will Be Dearly Missed

War Speaks Every Language But Never Knows What to Say to Frogs

What’s Baddawi?

Take Action

Join the Stand Up For Truth Webcasts This Week at

Tell U.S. and German Governments to End Mass Surveillance and End Killing by Drones

Create Truth and Reconciliation Commission for U.S. and NATO Wars

Tell United States and All Non-Members to Join the ICC

Initiate a World Peace Conference


Thank you to everyone who has become a World Beyond War Sustainer. You can too.

Sign the Declaration of Peace.

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