Petition: Stop the TPP

The bill to allow the president to rush through the TPP is being debated right now. Take action and sign our petition today.


I wanted to be sure you saw Russ’s message on why we need to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the “fast-track” authority the Obama administration will use to rush this bad trade deal through Congress.

Unfortunately, too many members of BOTH parties haven’t learned the lessons of past trade agreements like NAFTA: They’re still ignoring the consequences for working families when American manufacturing jobs get shipped overseas.

That’s exactly why Russ is running for Senate: To take on the special interests in Washington and fight for working families who have experienced the disastrous results of bad trade agreements firsthand.

Show Russ you have his back by signing his petition against the TPP.

The Senate is considering the bill that gives the president “fast-track” authority on TPP right now, so we don’t have much time. Stand with Russ in the fight against TPP to‌day.

Thanks for all you do,

Cole Leystra
Deputy Campaign Manager


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Russ Feingold
Date: Tue, May 19, 2015
Subject: Wisconsinites won’t be fooled

Russ for WisconsinCole —

A dangerous mistake. That’s what Congress is poised to make — again — if they move forward with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on the backs of American workers.

I’ve launched my campaign for Senate to be an independent voice for Wisconsin, especially when it means fighting back against the D.C. insiders and corporate interests. I wasn’t fooled by past trade agreements like NAFTA, and I don’t believe Wisconsinites are fooled by the TPP, either.

Wisconsin workers have already lost far too many jobs because of bad trade deals. Now, corporate interests and their multimillionaire Republican allies like Ron Johnson want to repeat history, negotiating the biggest trade deal in history in secret and maximizing corporate payoffs at the expense of Wisconsin jobs.

So I’m making a big push to say no to fast-track and stop the TPP in its tracks. But to win this one, we’re going to need broad grassroots support.

Join me as I make one BIG push against both fast-track authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. No deal is better than a raw deal for American workers.

Join Daily Kos and Russ Feingold and stop the TPP

Trade deals are written for the corporations who benefit from their negotiations and not the workers stuck with the raw deal. The TPP itself has been authored by just 12 countries, and while some large corporations have access to read the document, the American public does not. And though the TPP’s contents are under a cloak of secrecy, we know what it will mean for workers.

There are two main issues at hand in the debate over the Trans-Pacific Partnership. First, Congress can authorize “fast-track authority,” or TPA, which would give President Obama the power to call for an up-or-down vote, without amendments, on any trade agreement. Second is the corporate profit-driven TPP itself, the text of which is effectively hidden from the eyes of the general public.

That’s why I oppose both fast-track authority and the TPP: I won’t stand idly by and allow Congress to rig the system against American workers.

Sign your name, and help me make the biggest push yet to stop the TPP in its tracks.

Together, we can fight to make sure Congress doesn’t give our workers a raw deal.

Thanks for all you do,

Russ Feingold




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