Peter Kuznick’s response to the new poll results in Okinawa

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Peter Kuznick’s response to the new poll results in Okinawa

Posted: 29 Aug 2014 12:05 PM PDT

Here is a response by Peter Kuznick, Professor of History at American University to the latest poll in Okinawa that said 80% of people there call for cancellation of the Henoko new base plan that the Japanese and US governments are forcing through.80%が辺野古新基地計画を中止すべきだと答えた最新の沖縄での世論調査に対するアメリカン大学歴史学教授ピーター・カズニック氏のコメントを対訳で紹介する。(翻訳・乗松聡子ー訳はアップ後微修正する可能性有)


Peter Kuznick (centre) and Joseph Gerson (left) take part
in the protest at the Camp Schwab gate, August 13.
Photo: New Wave to Hope

The latest poll results are very encouraging and fit the pattern that I was able to observe while in Okinawa and since my return to the U.S. 最新の世論調査の結果は励みになるものであり、私が沖縄にいた間、そして帰ってきて以来見てきた傾向と合致するものだ。

Governor Nakaima’s betrayal and the aggressive actions of the Abe administration, with strong U.S. backing, may have temporarily convinced some of the people in Okinawa that resistance to the base relocation was…

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