Why Governments Promote Deadly Nuclear Energy and Ban Beneficial Hemp

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nukes or nugs, now or never
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By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It is incredibly difficult to encapsulate lies, spin and omitted truths into a single idea that can be understood by those who are systemically compelled to ingest the results of those lies. But here goes”.

Societal fraud, whether outright lies or omitted truths (which are just clever lies), requires a whole series of resolute paradigm insistence and institutional dictum. Societal fraud essentially says that 2 + 2 = 5, or that what you are seeing clearly is something else entirely. And it is done in such a way that you believe it — or are ostracized for not believing it. Societal lies are so many and so multi-faceted that the truth can be obscured (nearly) completely by specific bogus intricacies — and, as was the intention of those intricacies, most of us are lost in the fog.

There are so many facets and rivets to the mechanical lies that society accepts today, built with so much shoddy misdirecting material, that to deconstruct the machine and understand how we arrived from point A to point C requires an understanding of history, politics, psychology and human behavior that goes way beyond the pale, so to speak. Or we can simply ask the right questions”..


Asking the Right QuestionsWe have so much technology and access to information, it is as if we can permeate the  Akashic field  with our fingertips. But without knowing the right question to ask, we ask the questions that lying mechanizations direct. What good is access to information when all one wants to do is play Angry Birds?

Without extensive questioning in the first place, we are left so many degrees of separation away from the information we truly need. With the right frame of reference and the correct questions, the information can be found, the structure of the “lying machine’ becomes evident, and occasionally, one can find out who built it and even why (although these points can be more difficult to source).

While inconvenient information may be obscured by government spin and media selectivity, the truth is all out there. Knowing where to look, how to search, and what questions to ask is the key. For example:

    • Want to see evidence published by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration that demonstrates the ingredients they continue to approve for use in commercial sunscreens, deodorants and medications include substances that cause photosensitivity and which can cause cancer when exposed to the sun?  Click here.
    • Want to see the U.S. company registration documents for the US-based corporation, “Japan”, which most people believe to be a constitutional monarchy?  Click here.
  • Want to see a copy of the legal filings that enacted the lawful (but not physical) foreclosure of your government in October 2012?  Click here.
  • Want to read the Convention document that legally protects the nuclear industry from liability for its disastrous ongoing meltdowns, and attaches the liability to you, the taxpayer? Click here.

There are many ways to see the world. With an open mind and a curious attitude (which requires one to admit there are things one doesn’t know) one can take a look at the world in completely new ways. And with the right tools at your disposal, this will help you come to profound new answers.

Understanding how to think critically is crucial to asking the right questions — and utilizing the basic four types of information can help you do it.

In any situation, where opposing views are presented, one typically asks: “Is it one? Is it the other?” But a critical thinker, with the Matrix of Four at their disposal, asks: “Is it one? Is it the other? Is it neither? Or is it both?”

[Editor: for a detailed examination of this concept, check out Ethan’s book The Matrix of Four, The Philosophy of The Duality of Polarity]

Political Formality vs. TruthTo focus our perspective, we must understand the difference between individuals and institutions. Institutions are increasingly oligarchies – slanted systems that afford power and benefit to “the few’ over “the many’. And t he most dangerous system on Earth, by far, is that of nuclear experimentation.

Nuclear reactions have the potential to permanently endanger our Earth, just as they have already done, and to render it uninhabitable.  So why does our society accept the risks inherent in nuclear industries? The answer is: oligarchical collectivism. Despite its dangers, it is profitable to “the few’.

Pro-nukers will be quick to note the different sub-sets of the nuclear experimentation industry, being power generation and weapon detonation, in an attempt to separate the concept of nuclear power from the dangers of nuclear weaponry. The immediate problem with this thinking is two-fold:

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For more of Ethan Indigo Smith’s writing you can go to link at amazon.com where you can read the first portion of Ethan’s books for free and purchase to support his endeavors. Ethan explores worldwide apathy in his recent serious satire, A (more…)

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