The Declaration of Zeronomics of Nuclear Plants

The following is the whole text of “the Declaration of Zeronomics of Nuclear Plants.

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The Declaration of Zeronomics of Nuclear Plants

Year 2012

Japan, based on its reflection on the unprecedented accident of the Fukushima No. 1

nuclear plant, showed the pathway to Zero Nuclear Plants.

It was the expressed wishes of the overwhelming majority of citizens for no nuclear

plants that moved the politics.

That pathway is wavering under the shadow of “Abenomics,” the economic policy

after the political power shift.

The voices of the people of Fukushima, whose inhabited land was deprived, living

their daily lives filled with the unbearable anxieties, and of many who aspire for

no nuclear plants. Is it good for us to recede backward to the dependence on nuclear


Many countries and companies in the world, after the disaster, have decided to retreat

from the nuclear power. Because it became clear that nuclear power does not pay off

and can never become economically plus, they are shifting from nuclear power and

fossil fuel to the natural energy, now becoming inexpensive due to their innovations in

drastic speed.

Originally and  first of all, even without the disaster, Japan should have taken up this

path as its task .

The energy policy paying  24 trillion Yen to import uranium and fossil fuel presupposing

mass production and mass consumption has become inappropriate for Japan with the

decreasing energy pacing with the decreasing population.

“The zeronomics of nuclear plants” reconsiders the old economic system depending on

nuclear power and imported energy, and is considering the shift to the locally distributive

network-economy system, making the natural energy in its core.

The keywords are “saving energy,” “creating energy,” and “IT networking.” It is to create

variegated related industries and employments by retaining the outgoing money for the

use of nuclear power and fossil fuel inside our own local areas. It is the proposal of

economic system for the rebirth of the whole Japanese economy as well as stopping global

warming, by envigorating the local economy.

The principal players are not countries or big businesses. Let us make each of us as a player

who inhavbits, lives, and aspires for no nuclear plants, and create our own economies!

We welcome your own declaration of the zeronomics of nuclear plants.

(Translated by O. Yoshida from

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