TPP Trans Pacific Partnership– the Threat and Danger; Interview with Ben Beachy

September 26, 2012


By Rob Kall

TPP– the Trans Pacific Partnership– is NAFTA on steroids. It’s a dangerous trade deal that Obama Appointee Ron Kirk will not allow members of congress and their staffs to see and digest, while, at the same time, allowing corporations full access. We discuss how this will change America and advance the world Corporatocracy


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Ben Beachy is Research Director with Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. He investigates the impacts and implications of U.S. trade policy on jobs, public interest regulation, financial stability, and democratic policymaking. Before joining Global Trade Watch, Beachy analyzed the impacts of U.S. trade, aid, and lending policies in Latin America for six years as a Nicaragua-based policy analyst and as D.C.-based National Organizer for Witness for Peace. He has also worked as a visiting research fellow with Tufts University’s Global Development and Environment Institute, investment analyst for the Tellus Institute in Boston, agriculture researcher for ActionAid in India, and labor rights investigator for the Worker Rights Consortium in Central America. Beachy’s published articles have focused on post-food crisis trade policy, the impacts of U.S. and IMF policies in Latin America, and new economic indicators to supplement GDP. Beachy received a B.A. from Goshen College and a Master in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

My rough interview notes

TPP Transpacific Partnership– expansion of NAFTA model of trade

Like NAFTA on steroids– would be largest trade deal the US ever signed.

Also potentially the last agreement”

This co-exists with and expands from NAFTA?

We call this a trade deal, which is a misnomer. Only 3 of 29 chapters in TPP have to do with trading goods. What are the other 26 chapters and in whose interest have they been written.

Trade advisory committee set up by Nixon– with 600 representatives 85% are corporate. Most are from General Electric.

Text has been kept more secret than previous trade agreements.

Ron Kirk is the trade representative restricting access to the agreement by elected members of congress while allowing corporations to view it.

Obama Admin campaigned against NAFTA model”

Are there any members of congress or the White House who have taken a stand against the NAFTA model of globalization.

The Trade Reform Development and Employment Accountability Act put forward by Sherrod Brown– a majority of Democrats signed on.

Any more info on Ron Kirk?

What’ll happen post election?

Buy America program would be eroded.

Intellectual property provisions– patent extensions for Pharmaceutical companies.

Patents are opposite of free trade.

Congress would actually be changing a multitude of laws, passing anti-worker policies if they authorize this agreement.

Has this even been an issue in campaigns?

US public has rejected NAFTA model 4 to 1.

Since so many US industries have been hurt, the argument that global trade agreements help protect our exports.

Trade balance with Canada and Mexico has ballooned so there are now more imports from them.

Elevates corporation to level of sovereign state– allowed to sue governments.

Is Ron Kirk a liar? He says this has been the most transparent trade agreement negotiation.

He bases this on “stakeholder engagement.”

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