Two Departures

The story of the Paradise lost of Adam and Eve in the Bible and the story of Palace renunciation of Siddharta Gotama in the Buddhism are two departures to opposite directions.

The former is the departure from Paradise to self, city, citadel, civilization and the latter is the departure from Palace to nature, truth, freedom, peace. Losing mind (busy, occupied) in karma is losing knowledge and action of Paradise. Attaing Pure Land and Dharma knows cultivation and verification of  it and the lost ones of it.

 Those not entering gardens do not know gardens, how to cultivate and appreciate them. Those entering them know how to cultivate and appeciae them and why others do not enter and enjoy them. Not knowing space and time (balanced spacing, watering, etc.), people make garden desolete or overcrowded.

Senseless of further and farther in time and space, people become irresponsible and unethical. Ignorance and ignobility are the culprit of no global ethic.

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