An Inconvenient Truth

A Japanese version of “An Inconvenient Truth” was published and delivered. The story of it starts with the Earth-rise and ends with a pale blue dot 6.5billion km afar whereon victories, tragedies, wars and famines took place. With the Earth-rise picture, our consciouness was changed. With the pale blue dot, our conduct must change. Past patterns of thought and action should not make truth inconvenient.

With completely changed people and technology such as nuclear weapons, we should not repeat old wars recklessly. We must stand up to protect our future right now!

Everyone of the human community must see this movie and take responsible actions. We must shift our paradigm. We must shift from the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” to the “Universal Declaration of Human Responsibility,” as the Ganges of the former issue from the Himalaya of the latter, as Gandhi said.

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