Macro-micro Mistake (Paradigm Shift)

All mistakes can be reduced that of size (macro-micro). All problems and sufferings come from mistaking small as large. Thus we need paradigm shift from small to large, national (sovereignty) to global (life-system). Before we are nationals, we are humans. Before humans, we are living beings. Before living beings, we are part and parcel of life system. If we go back to wider or original categories, we can appreciate more truth and act freer, more equally, lovingly and peacefully.

 If we know and act according to larger, deeper, more original truth (not human artifices, prejudices), we can solve problems and stop sufferings. If we acknowledge and act as globals, rather than nationals, we can stop savage wars and militarism. If we prognosticate and practice as life itself, rather than humans, we can solve environmental, resource, species extinction, etc. We can shift our paradigm from ego to eco, sinful to holy. We can shift from spending on savage wars and militalism, sacrice of sacred sprit and life.

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