Archaic Smile

Today I visited Ancient Orient Museum in Ikebukuro, Tokyo for “Archaic Smile” Exibit, appreciating abundant variety of works from 2500 B.C.(C.E.) Archaic Orient, Archaic Mediterranean World, India, Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Edo Period Japan.

Dr. Takeshi Yoro comments on the archaic smile as life itself in limitless dependent origination before discriminating orientation.

The following is the poem titled “Declaration of Smile” made by Hori: 

Around us, information such as terrorism, ethinic cleansing, gulag, and environmental destruction overflows.

What are the government and the United Nations doing, and in the world, how do it becvome, and being driven is frequent in uneasiness and impatience.

In my only alone power, the world is not changed.

What is the world for you?

Your world is composed with you and your family, the friends of the office, or your school and the people to whom you commute, and those who pass each other while going to school, convenience store, restaurant, and those to whom you exchange voice as super market.

This is the true world for you.

The smile is an extremely cultural action.

It is a message that I do not have hostility to you, and admit your existence and therefore you must not show me hostility either too.

The smile overflows on the exhibition.

Especially, to the age and the region where the culture showed original development.

It is because various people put one’s efforts together to make it.

The smile disappears…authoritarianism…before long.

Still, the smile revives.

The world is surely changed by the power of one person.

Whith a smile and it declares.

Watching and doing your true world that much.

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